Custom Orders and Gift Packages

Do you live in Boston and need a custom order for a simcha? Do you have friends in Boston who are making a kiddush and you want something sent? Are you staying in town for Shabbos and are looking for the perfect hostess gift? Perhaps you know someone in the hospital who can use a boost? We do gift packages with teddy bears, booties, platters....for baby, someone in hospital or hostess name it.

Homemade Chocolates

HOMEMADE CHOCOLATES, OUR SPECIALTY! Pralines, Truffles, or Pareve Chocolates $50/lb. Milk Chocolates $55/lb Specialty Packages and Orders are our specialty. Fill out the form Below to be in touch about ordering our Homemade Chocolate.


Cookies by the pound. See the list below and order your cookies today. We can personalize cookies too. Be in touch.

Basic Cakes

Making a simcha or event and need some basic cakes? Want to send someone a get well soon gift? or maybe you just need a cake for Shabbos! Well, you've come to the right place. Fill out the form below to make your order today.

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